Solo album from the frontwoman of Eyes Set To Kill

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Still HereAlexia 'Lexia' Rodriguez wants fans to see a different side of her music with the release of her new solo album entitled Underground Sounds. Dark, atmospheric indie pop, and extremely melodic, Underground Sounds plays to Rodriguezs strengths as a songwriter. Unshackled from the expectations of fans and the confines of her bandmates, its here that she flourishes and blossoms with confidence as a vocalist and artist to evoke comparisons to the likes of Tory Amos, Fiona Apple or Radioheads Thom Yorke.

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Rodriguez is best known as the frontwoman of Phoenix based Eyes Set To Kill. She formed the band in 2005 while she was still in high school with the help of her sister Anissa. Within a short period of time, Rodriguezs determination to have her music heard had pushed Eyes Set To Kill to the top of the MySpace charts and labels quickly came calling. After signing with California based BreakSilence recordings in 2007, the group released their debut full-length Reach, and debuted at 29 on Billboards Heatseekers Charts and 77 on Billboards Independent Music charts, were touring with the likes of Drop Dead Gorgeous and the Warped Tour. In 2009 Rodriguez wrote and recorded the groups critically acclaimed album, The World Outside, and continued to watch the band grow with mainstream media coverage from AOL Music and features in Revolver and Alternative Press.

I love all different types of music. I grew up loving bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana, but my favorite songs were always the acoustic tracks like Daughter or the acoustic records they put out, recalls Rodriguez as she traces the roots of her solo material. As I got older I got into bands like Radiohead and Death Cab For Cutie, and I just become obsessed with them.

Due to her relentless tour schedule with Eyes Set To Kill, Rodriguez spends more time touring across the country then she does at home. Unlike most artists who find it difficult to write material while touring, Rodriguez gets inspired by the interaction with fans and other music musicians while on the road.

When Im on the road I have nothing but time on my hands, so for the most part Im always trying to find something constructive to kill the time, she commented. The songs I write on the road are mellow and chilled, which dont necessarily work as Eyes Set To Kill songs. I try and write songs in different styles and genres and just demo them for myself. I never thought about putting out a solo album, but my manager heard them and freaked out saying, These are amazing you have to release them! At first I was nervous and wondering what my band would think, but they were super supportive of the idea.

Most of Underground Sounds is comprised of confessional material, with a focus on the inner strife that tears Rodriguez to pieces. Through the power of her songwriting the singer/songwriter confronts her inability to maintain friendships while touring in Over", "Still Here" is a heartwarming love song, while "Come Home" is an open letter to her father who abandoned her at an early age.

 lexia - underground sounds (848884) Underground Sounds was an outlet where I could create songs that were solely for me. I wanted to show people that I can do more than just write heavy songs and that Im a versatile songwriter, she closes. I once heard someone say that the true sign of a timeless song is whether it can be taken from one format to another, like electric to acoustic, and still have it be a great song. Im always trying to achieve that when I write songs. I want these songs to be able to last forever."

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