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Fallen AngelRocklabel TV got the concept video for the song 'Fallen Angel' of Dream Aria. The Canadian Rockband, from Toronto, is on top of the global myspace charts progressive overall. In the Interview (read below) Don said: "Today as I write this I see we are #1 on the progressive myspace charts global overall MUSE is #2, so maybe a record company will notice our work one day."
Here the concept video for Fallen Angel of Dream Aria

Donald Stagg Interview with RockLabel TV (20-07-2011)

RLTV: How the band come together?
Don (Dream Aria): “I started the thought process for Dream Aria -no name at the time- about 10 years ago with a mix of rock/opera/world music plus many other genres to work on. I started to write the music and almost two years later I decided to record. I phoned drummer Garry Flint -ex National Velvet, a well known Canadian band-. We talked on the phone and he was into the same bands and music I was into. Also, he had a studio so I grabbed my keyboards and headed off to record with him. And after we recorded a few songs I wanted to bring in opera singers and add a guitar”.

“We brought in Ren and Anna, two fabulous opera singers from Toronto, and a very talented guitar player. Ren and Anna loved what we were doing at first, but when I then added a harder edge to the music, they decided it was not for them”

“I found Ann Burstyn in 2004 and she was a great fit being able to sing opera and hard rock as well as anything else I threw at her. She is one of the best female rock singers I met. Ann also started to write the lyrics to many of the songs and then put her stamp onto the band by naming us Dream Aria”

RLTV: Dreamaria mixes many musical styles, which makes the production fascinating. From whom come the various inspirations?
Don: I enjoy all kinds of music from classical to opera to prog rock to metal , world , new age, really most music that is done really well also  I think Dream Aria  has also evolved from where it started  because of  Garry Flint and Ann Burstyn they have both contributed allot to where we are today.

RLTV: Who writes the songs?
Don: In the past I wrote all the songs but with the new Fallen Angel cd it was a little more of a group effort and Ann wrote most of the lyrics for Transcend and Fallen Angel

RLTV: Where you get your inspirations or how do you create new songs?
Don: I really like to have a idea in my head before I start  so I can search for the emotions I want to create, with Fallen Angel we decided to write a darker and heavier cd so I thought of some very disturbing images before I started to write'

RLTV: The concept video for Fallen Angel is very successful on myspace. Now you work on new videos for Dream Aria. Is this the first time that the band perform in front of the cameras for a music video?
Don: We did a In your house concert a couple of years ago over the net that you can see on youtube but they are live videos, we are working on our first concept video and should be finish in a couple of months

RLTV: what can we expect in future from Dream Aria?
Don: We would love to get sign to a record label and tour, I think thats what its all about taking our show on the road and telling all the different stories (songs) we have to our fans.
Today as I write this I see we are #1 on the progressive myspace charts global overall MUSE is #2 (maybe a record company is will notice our work one day).

RLTV: thanks for your time and we wish you all the best!
Don: I would like to thanks Rock Label TV for sharing our video and this interview with your audience.

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